Health & Physical Education at West Beechboro 1

Health & Physical Education at West Beechboro Primary School

Students at West Beechboro are divided into:

  • Senior Phase Year 5/6
  • Middle Phase Year 3/4
  • Early Childhood Phase Year K/P/1/2

Sport is conducted on a Friday morning as West Beechboro is a sun smart school.

  • Junior phase Sport at 8.45am – 9.45am
  • Middle and Senior phase Sport 9.45am – 10.45am

Students are divided into groups and using a “BluEarth Format” Students rotated through several high movement activities throughout the term.   The Year 1 students are divided into three groups and participated in a combination of Fundamental Movement Skills activities and BluEarth games.  They rotated through these activities on a weekly basis encouraging participation, cooperation and spacial awareness.

The Middle Phase and year 2/3 students implemented “BluEarth” games activities.  Each group participates in at least one session in term one and term two. Like the year 1 students the activities promote participation, cooperation and further develop spacial awareness in game settings.

The Senior Phase (Year 5/6) participate in an interschool carnival at the end of term one in summer sports and at the end of term two in winter sports. They participate in sports such as cricket, football, soccer, hockey, soft –cross, netball and flag belt. During preparation these competitive competitions the teachers conduct training sessions during the lunch breaks.

During term three, the sports programme on Friday focusses on athletics as a lead in to the intra and interschool carnivals.

West Beechboro Primary participates in an interschool athletics carnival competing against seven other schools in the District. This group is known as the McGuire Sports Assocation.  Also during term three we compete in an interschool cross country carnival and have commenced participating in the local 20/20 cricket competition.

West Beechboro Primary employs a full-time Physical Education teacher, Mr Andrew Baggio, also a fully qualified professional wrestler, who takes Years 1-6 classes for 1 hour sessions. In 2014, a Fundamental Movement Program was implemented in the ECE program where Mrs Diane Townsend engages the early Childhood students in activities to develop dexterity, hand-eye coordination and spacial awareness.

Year competition overview

  • Term 1 – summer sports
  • Term 2 – winter sports
  • Term 3 – athletics
  • Term 4 – summer sports

At the present time the senior school , year 5/6 students,  is involved in an outdoor education program that takes place during a three day camp held at Forest Edge. Parents are strongly encouraged to have their children attend this camp as it develops many skills and personal traits that cannot be explored within the normal classroom and school setting. The students are taken out of their comfort zones in highly supervised activities that help build confidence and a strong sense of self.

The Health and Physical Education program incorporates those content elements as outlined by SCSA and in line with the requirements of ACARA



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