West Beechboro Primary School


West Beechboro Primary School


The following guidelines have been developed to support our School Uniform Policy.

They aim to assist our school community to recognise the benefits of wearing a school uniform and are supported by the school board, P&C, students and staff.

Wearing the Uniform at West Beechboro

The School uniform is the outward mark that a student belongs to West Beechboro Primary School. The appropriate uniform must be worn at all times when representing the School, when travelling to and from school during excursions and other school based activities and when attending either an interschool activity or function such as a play or concert. Students are expected to wear their uniform in such a way as to show pride in being identified with the School.

Students should be aware that the appearance of the School uniform depends to a large extent upon how it is worn – its cleanliness, its fit, its state of repair and the bearing of its wearer. Particular care should be taken to ensure that appropriate footwear is worn at all times. Thongs are not permitted, however closed in sandals may be worn in summer but are not suitable to wear on sport days or during physical education lessons.

Students must wear the approved School uniform during the School day, the School week and the School term.

These periods are defined as follows:-

Monday to Friday during the normal school week between 8.30am and 3.00pm

West Beechboro’s Uniform

West Beechboro’s School the uniform consists of:

For the Boys

  • A red polo shirt available through the school uniform shop.
  • Navy blue shorts or trousers
  • Navy blue fleecy jacket.

For the Girls

  • A red polo shirts available through the uniform shop
  • Navy blue shorts, pants or skirt
  • The school red and navy blue checked dress.
  • Navy blue fleecy jacket.


School uniforms are now based offsite and need to be purchased through Eclipse Universal, which is located in Malaga. Uniforms can be purchased online or instore for your convenience.

To download a Uniform Order Sheet CLICK HERE

No Hat, No Play

The approved hat style and only style that will be worn at West Beechboro Primary is a navy blue bucket style hat.

Cultural Headwear

May be worn as part of cultural or religious traditions, however the school requires veils to be as close to the school colours of red and navy blue as possible.

Clothing not permitted under any circumstances


Will not be permitted nor other styles of jumpers that vary significantly in colour from the school’s navy blue.

Denim is not permitted in any West Australian Schools.

Board Shorts

Board shorts are not an accepted part of the school uniform other than during programmed swimming lesson. During this time parents will be notified of clothing arrangements.


With the exception of wristwatches, medical alerts and small earring studs or sleepers, no other items of jewellery may be worn at any time as part of School Dress Code.

Certain symbols of religious or special significance may be permitted at the discretion of the principal.

Body piercing visible or otherwise are not permitted. This includes excessive ear piercing as they present a risk to the student in the event they are torn or catch on another student.

Thongs / Flip Flops

Are neither permitted nor deemed suitable footwear during normal school hours. They may be worn during swimming lesson times when going to and from the swimming pool. Once back at school appropriate footwear must then be worn.

Students not following dress code

Students not wearing the approved dress code will be sent to the office and changed for the school day.  Their clothes will be kept in the office, students will return at the end of the day to change back. School uniforms will then be washed and ready to be worn again if necessary the following day. Parents will be informed that their child is not attending school abiding by the dress code.