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Special Programs at West Beechboro Primary School

In 2016 West Beechboro Primary School will be contracting the Dyslexia –SPELD Foundation (DSF), Literacy and Clinical Services to screen all our kindergarten students at the commencement of the school year.

In 2016 this will involve:

  • A DSF Speech Pathologist administering a 30 minute assessment with each student – screening oral language and early literacy skills. Informal observations made of speech/articulation, fluency, social skills, voice.
  • A DSF Speech Pathologist analysing and report on each student’s questionnaire and assessment results.  A one page summary report will be provided to the school outlining any areas of difficulty identified and whether further testing is recommended.

The results from the screening will provide classroom teachers with the range of abilities and competencies of their students.  This valuable information can then be used for differential teaching and identifying students at risk as well as identifying students with weaknesses that can be addressed and monitored within the classroom.  Some classroom intervention ideas, to develop identified areas of weakness, are also be provided.

Additional services that we provided by DSF are the follow-up parent and teacher workshops.  These workshops provide an overview of typical language development and communication impairments of school aged students, general feedback on the screening results and interpretation of the reports and ideas and activities to develop oral language in the home and school.

Note :While these reports are provided  to the school’s staff and administration team for internal curriculum planning, parents can purchase a copy of these for $20. These can be then be used by parents to access additional interagency support should they wish to pursue it.

Pre-Service Teacher Program

West Beechboro Independent Primary School currently works in conjunction with Edith Cowan University which allocate groups of trainee teachers to us several times a year. This program is overseen by Mrs Lisa Ziaja and supported by the principal. The student teachers are highly valued additions to the school staff and help the class teachers and students in many ways. They work under the direction of the class teachers, who act as mentors with individual students, small groups and whole class groups. These people are afforded the care and respect of normal staff members and are expected to be treated as such by all students.

During the Professional Practice at West Beechboro Independent Primary School we aim to provide an engaging, relevant experience through modelling, coaching and feedback, to enable these pre-service teachers to become a confident, reflective, collaborative teacher. This experience also provides them with a good understanding of school policies, departmental processes and expectations before they embark on their own teaching career. It is our goal to provide them with the tools they need to become an effective teacher and ready them for their own classroom and teaching role.

During this program pre-service teachers are involved in Classroom observations, instructional rounds, ICT development , video analysis and self-reflection. Rachael Lehr, Level 3 Teacher and DT Coordinator provides in-house training for all pre-service teachers around the schools Digital Technologies.


In 2019 the school will commenced a partnership with Curtin’s School of Education as it works to develop a residency style approach to the training of pre-service teachers.

Transition Programs

West Beechboro Primary School has students attend a number of the local high schools including Kiara College, Hampton Senior High School and John Forrest Secondary College. Many of our students fall into the local intake areas for these schools and so enrolments are automatic should they wish to attend.

There are also a number of our students who gain entry through special programs such as dance, cricket and academics.

In recent years we have had students earn entry into Perth Modern, Shenton College and Ballajura Community College because of their high academic achievement.

Our closest links however, are with Kiara College and students are actively engaged in their farming and agricultural program involving various hands-on visits to the school throughout the year. Kiara College provides transport for these activities.

In Term 4 students participate in the various orientation days for a vast variety of high schools that our student elect to attend or have won a placement  at.  Mr Ralph Richardson, Deputy Principal, coordinates these programs



Various summer and winter activities (e.g. swimming, athletics,  football, soccer, hockey, flagbelt, soft cross and netball) are well catered for. Physical Education lessons are provided by our specialist PE teacher , Mr Joshua Dorozenko. Special sports clinics conducted by elite athletes are organised during the year for various year levels. The annual faction athletics carnival is a community event attended by many parents in September. In addition to this the school is involved with the McGuire Sports Association that affords our students an opportunity to take part in health completion against 8 other schools across the local area.


Swimming classes, conducted by fully qualified Department of Education swimming teachers, are organised for Pre Primary to Year 6 each year.  As this is part of the school program, all students are expected to attend.  While the lessons are provided by the Department of Education, parents are required to meet the costs of transport and pool entry. Our participation in this program, while worthwhile, is reviewed each year.

Parents are also able to access the VACSwim program. Information regarding this can be obtained from the front office or by using this link.  Click Here


Each year students are assessed for entry into the Primary Extension and Challenge Program.  PEAC, in the North Metropolitan Education Region, caters to the special learning needs of gifted and talented students. PEAC centres offer a wide range of extension courses as well as specialist courses in a variety of community and educational settings. For more information about PEAC click on the following link:

Parents whose children are accepted into this program are required to arrange their own transport to and from the venues.


Theatre and Design

Our school prides itself on the advanced Information Technology available to all classes, Kindy to Year 6.  All classrooms are connected to our network and have access to the Internet and our library systems.  Children have access to desktop workstations, ipads, scanners, digital cameras, video cameras, laser printers and a comprehensive range of software.  All classrooms have an interactive whiteboard to facilitate teaching and learning.

Miss Charley Samu conducts specialist lessons in Technology and Design for all students from year 1 through to 6 through integration into Theatre and Design.


The school has a highly acclaimed science program that runs from year 1 through to 6. Students are involved in coding, chemistry, biology, Earth and space science and physics throughout the year. This program forms an important part of our emphasis on STEM and promotes the idea of creative exploration of the world around us.

As well as this students have the opportunity to be involved in a genius hour as another arm of our TAGS programs. Students are supported while they explore coding and engage with higher order thinking skills. A girls science club is offered 1 day a week for  senior students in years 5 and 6 from 3:15pm – 4:15pm.

The science program is conducted and overseen by Mrs Rachael Lehr a level 3 teacher the 2012 Beginning Teacher of the Year. In 2015 Mrs Lehr was the winner of a scholarship to attend the Science X Academy in Canberra, where at the start of the 2016 year she met with other scientists and teaching staff and was exposed to cutting edge science which she has worked to incorporate into our students’ programs. If you are on Twitter, you can follow @WBPScienceRocks to see what is going on in this domain. If you have a background in science or work in a science related field and ever want to come and share what you do, please let me know. This would be fantastic.



Mrs Yvonne Arpino oversees the school’s Art program which, like science , is offered to students from year 1 -6. Students who demonstrate a talent in this discipline are afforded the opportunity to patriciate in the Art Studio TAGS program once a week where they can pursue their own passion and develop their skills to a higher level.

All students are encouraged to collect and develop their own portfolios to enable them to gain entry into high school extension programs in later years, something that a number of our students have done in the past.

Students explore various mediums as well as exploring and gaining an understanding of art history as outlined within the curriculum developed by SCSA in line with ACARA.


Following on from the work Mr Boon had previously done, Mr Richardson and Ms Ford, have continued to develop close working relationship with the Multicultural Parent & Child Centre (MPAC) in an effort to support EAL families.

Ms Ford assists identified EAL/D students to develop their understanding in the domains of literacy and numeracy with identified students participating in small intensive sessions around reading, vocabulary development and numeracy. Further to this, Ms Ford works very closely with the Business Management Unit to facilitate a smooth transition for families and students transferring into the school from the Intensive English Centre (IEC) or who qualify to enter into the IEC prior to enrolling at West Beechboro Independent Public School. In 2014 the Department of Education Services Reviewers identified the EAL/D strategy, developed by Stephen Boon as being effectively used with over one-third of the school’s population for early identification of learning support needs and the monitoring of progress.



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