Student Services at West Beechboro Primary School

West Beechboro Primary School is committed to identifying students at risk and addressing the needs of students as early as possible to ensure that every student achieves to their full potential.

Student Services Team

Gayle Higgins – Student Services Manager

Kelsey Currie – School Psychologist

Ralph Richardson / Linda Ford – EAL/D Support

The team meets regularly to discuss student referrals and support options for teachers and students.

The student services model below demonstrates the continuum of services provided by West Beechboro Primary School, either as a whole school program, phases of learning groups, class programs or individual support.


For students who require specific and intensive support. Plans are designed to address limited progress in areas of targeted intervention (major modifications may be required). Programs may replace or where possible will be additional to classroom instruction. These are delivered in small groups or individually. This requires collaboration with external agencies and the development of an Individual Education Plan.  For more information please refer to our Students at Educational Risk Policy.

Current Intervention Programs 2016

MULTILIT One on One Reading Support Program

This evidenced based program caters for students who have not acquired the basic skills needed to become functional readers. This program targets children who need intensive, systematic reading instruction so they do not fall further behind. MULTILIT develops the child’s sight vocabulary, phonic knowledge and decoding skills. A trained staff member works one on one with a child for half an hour three or four times a week.

Small Group Literacy Program

This program focuses on developing students’ sight vocabulary, phonic knowledge, reading fluency and important spelling rules and skills. Students work with an experienced staff member in a small group setting.

Small Group Numeracy Program

This program focuses on the critical elements of mathematics, including place value, basic number facts, mental maths, times tables and mathematical vocabulary. It is essential that students develop automaticity of these key mathematical elements, and move this knowledge from short term to long term memory. Highly trained staff members work with small groups to develop student’s mathematical fluency. 

Improving Teacher Knowledge

Improving teacher knowledge through Professional Learning has been key to our approach to continual school improvement. Developing explicit teaching strategies for all teachers has been a priority with targeted professional learning for non-teaching staff, and whole school professional learning has been developed to support this. Our teachers have continued to refine their teaching practice, building on their repertoire of instructional strategies that incorporate explicit teaching.

The school has embarked on developing a whole school approach to formative and summative assessment. The emphasis has been on developing assessment tools and strategies that assess student progress and which inform future teaching and learning. Targeted intervention has been used to assist SAER and extensive Professional Learning for Education Assistants has provided them with new skills.

The results from this program are clearly evident and measurable. Our percentage of students in the bottom 20% of Australian students has reduced significantly. A whole school assessment plan and ongoing frequent assessments are integral to our students’ learning. Teacher judgements are well informed ensuring accuracy and reliability of assessments and informed planning for future learning.

West Beechboros’ staff have had significant Professional Learning to include more explicit teaching and to develop teacher accountable learning. This is in line with our school vision and school plan, and is supported by targeted professional development, and organisational structures that support ongoing development and improvement.



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