Languages at West Beechboro Primary School

In 2014, the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) conducted a review of Languages education in Western Australian schools. The report, The State of Play:

Languages Education in Western Australia, has been available on the Authority’s website and has informed the decision making process relating to the P–10 Languages curriculum and achievement standards within the Western Australian Curriculum Outline.

As a direct result of this SCSA  has stated in a communication to all state school principals that:

Where possible schools should provide a language(s) program from Pre-primary to Year 10.

However, as a minimum:

  • the Authority requires schools to provide one Language:
  • in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, commencing with Year 3 in 2018 (Year 4 in 2019,
  • Year 5 in 2020, Year 6 in 2021)
  • in Years 7 and 8, commencing with Year 7 in 2022 (Year 8 in 2023)
  • the study of Languages is optional in Years 9 and 10.

Further to this SCSA have said that:

For the purposes of Languages education in Western Australia:

  • the Authority will provide syllabuses for second language learners in six Languages: Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, French, German and Italian
  • the study of an Aboriginal Language is appropriate
  • recently arrived migrants, for whom English is not their first language, may substitute
  • English as a Second Language or further studies in English for the study of another Language
  • students who speak English as a second language or as an additional language or dialect, and whose use of Standard Australian English is restricted, may substitute further studies in English for the study of another language
  • the study of Auslan is appropriate

Schools may offer a language other than those for which syllabuses are provided by the Authority using ACARA’s curriculum or a language curriculum approved by the Authority.

In 2016 West Beechboro will commence implementing languages across the school from K- 6. The language of Italian will be trailed through ‘Languagenaut’ an interactive program that will enable all teaching staff to become language teachers and promote a more inclusive approach to language development.

Students will also have access to this program through their home internet connections further supporting the development and understanding of this domain.

Learning Italian not only allows students to communicate in another language, but also strengthens their understanding of language conventions and the process of communication.

It shines a cultural spotlight upon Italy and, in doing so, assists in developing learners’ understandings of their own culture, values and identity. Through learning a language, children have an appreciation of diversity and difference, gaining a worldview of experiences and perspectives. Students are given opportunities to communicate both orally and in written form.

In order to capture the students’ interest, the topics are familiar and student-centred. The outcome of the program is ultimately for students to acquire communication skills in the Italian language. It also develops an intercultural competence, as students begin to understand the roles language and culture play in communication, something that is very relevant within the context of West Beechboro primary School

You can access further information regarding the languages through the SCSA website by CLICKING HERE.



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