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Visual Arts incorporates all three fields of art, craft and design. Students create visual representations that communicate, challenge and express their own and others’ ideas, both as artists and audience members. They develop perceptual and conceptual understanding, critical reasoning and practical skills through exploring and expanding their understanding of their world, and other worlds.

Visual Arts engages students in a journey of discovery, experimentation and problem-solving relevant to visual perception and visual language. Students undertake this journey by utilising visual techniques, technologies, practices and processes. Visual Arts supports students’ ability to recognise and develop cultural appreciation of visual arts in the past and contemporary contexts through exploring and responding to artists and their artworks.

Yvonne Arpino

At West Beechboro Primary School we employ a specialist Visual Art teacher for Years 1- 6 . Mrs Yvonne Arpino provides this specialist program for 1 hour a week as well as providing a TAGS program for identified student’s. Both these programs operate within the school’s art studio.

The Visual Arts program provides an exciting environment for budding artists to develop their artistic abilities. The aim of the Visual Arts program is:

  • To allow students to learn at their own pace, using the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model, and with the philosophy established of ‘no mistakes, only happy accidents’.
  • For students to explore the Elements and Principles of Art through a variety of techniques and media.
  • To engage students in ‘life-long’ arts learning, through continually developing a broad range of new arts repertoire.
  • The program keeps abreast of current arts related issues and trends.

Our students are given opportunities to learn through a mix of visual enquiry, studio work, exhibitions and critical reflection. This occurs through:

  • The creation of a visual arts diary to allow students to document, experiment and practise their Arts Ideas while also enabling buddy artists seeking special placement into specialised arts programs in high school to commence compiling samples of their work
  • The provision of a creative space for students to engage in a variety of techniques and use of media. Visual stimulus boards are continually rotated with current themes and projects that students are working on.
  • Regular display opportunities in the Art Studio, Administration Office and various other locations around the school.
  • The opportunity to create artworks for significant events within the school calendar such as NAIDOC Week and Harmony Day.
  • Students Art Responses are embedded within the arts curriculum and are formally assessed. In addition to this, students are exposed to reflective strategies by way of constructive peer feedback and self-reflection within their own visual arts diary annotations.

In past years a number of our students have been successful  in gaining scholarship entry into specialised high school programs



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