Ray Boyd – Principal

Principal’s Report West Beechboro Primary School

West Beechboro Independent Primary School is a leading public primary school in Western Australia. Our outstanding results in national testing, is establishing West Beechboro Primary School as one of the highest performing primary schools in the area.

West Beechboro Primary School is a dynamic learning community where our staff works collaboratively, through a shared vision, to assist children to develop, extend and meet their potential. We provide a supportive environment where the teaching and learning process thrives.

We have established a clear vision and direction developed in consultation with our staff and School Board. Central to our approach are:

  • shared effective pedagogy
  • accountability for student learning
  • research based professional learning
  • mentoring and coaching.

I believe all students can be high achievers and every child, matters every day. This is fundamental in our approach. Our teachers explicitly teach the fundamentals in Numeracy and Literacy and hold themselves accountable to ensure that all students develop strong literacy and numeracy skills. It is this approach that ensures success in later years, as our students move into directed inquiry learning.

At West Beechboro Independent Primary School we foster an environment that supports life long learning, underpinned by strong ethics and morals. Education at our school is much more than formal learning. The welfare of every student and the development of the ‘whole child’ are at the core of what we do.

I believe education should be enjoyable for every child and it is what we do every minute, every hour of every day that makes the difference. When we get the teaching right, our student’s success is guaranteed and the structures that we have in place hold teachers accountable to working towards ensuring that this takes place.



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